Quad Channel Memory: Worth Your While?

Benchmarking Various Memory Configurations and Platforms

With the introduction of the X79 chipset, Intel introduced quad channel memory controllers for consumer motherboards. This technology should give the user more memory bandwidth than earlier memory controllers which where capable of running dual and triple channel configurations.

Tech-A-Matic Hardware Review Site Officially Launched Today

The hardware review site Tech-A-Matic is launched today. Bolstering both productivity and pleasure, this portal addresses power users, professionals and the SOHO market (small office, home office) by bringing news, reviews and backgrounders on personal, portable and professional computer technology.

Review of the XFX ATI Radeon HD 6950


On December 15, bearing the Cayman code name, ATI released the enthusiast 6900 series. The main stars of that series were the 6970 and the 6950. The 6970 was ATI's answer to NVIDIA's latest graphics card: the GTX 570. In video game performance the 6970 was comparable to the 570.

However, in this review, the 6970 will have to step aside and let its little brother take the spotlight. The 6950, albeit slower than the 6970 by 17% due to its lower rated GDDR5 memory (1250) and slower memory core (800 MHz), is still a strong asset in ATI's latest line-up. How strong it is will be brought to light here.

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